Tags Teen Depression

Tag: Teen Depression

How Can We Restore Children’s Independent Outdoor Play?

Children are designed, by nature, to play with other children independently of adults. Generally, the best place for them to play is outdoors, partly for the fresh air, vigorous exercise, the multitude of...
Teen Depression

Reaching Out to Save Lives: Destigmatizing Mental Health Disorders in America’s Youth

Living with a mental illness is driving down the road blindfolded at 90 knowing you’re going to crash but not being able to anticipate it before it happens. It is the feeling of going...
School Nurse

Teens are Anxious and Depressed, and Turning to the School Nurse for Help.

A few hours into the first day of school, a young man entered the nurse’s office at Libertyville High School complaining of stomach pains. The school nurse began asking him routine questions to determine the...


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