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Tag: Teen Behavior

Father and Son

APA Issues First-ever Guidelines for Practice with Men and Boys

For the first time ever, APA is releasing guidelines to help psychologists work with men and boys. At first blush, this may seem unnecessary. For decades, psychology focused on...
School Nurse

Teens are Anxious and Depressed, and Turning to the School Nurse for Help.

A few hours into the first day of school, a young man entered the nurse’s office at Libertyville High School complaining of stomach pains. The school nurse began asking him routine questions to determine the...
Mental Healthcare

Mental Health Care for Foster Children

The children in America's foster care system face a tremendous amount of psychological stress. Many have been removed from traumatic home situations because of neglect or physical or sexual abuse. Their life in foster care...

Overuse of Medication in Foster Children

If you are a foster child getting medications for emotional and mental health issues in the United States you may be getting more than you need. A 2011 report by the Government Accountability Office...
On Coaching

On Coaching Millennials: A Guest Interview with Jess Hopkins

I had the pleasure of meeting Jess Hopkins when she gave a seminar at a Positive Parenting Event. Her talk led to a lot of constructive discussions in our home about how to support...
Emotional Abuse

Study Shows Childhood Emotional Abuse Linked to PTSD and Opioid Abuse in Adults

Children who experience emotional abuse are more likely to struggle with post-traumatic stress and opioid misuse as adults, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Vermont. Though previous studies have shown...
Opioid Poisoning

Hospitalizations for Opioid Poisonings in Youth Jump 165 Percent in 15 Years

A new study reveals the number of young children who were hospitalized from opioid poisonings more than doubled between 1997 and 2012. The study, published at JAMA Pediatrics, looked at youths between the ages of...
Teen Drug Use

Teen Drug Use: It All Starts With Smoking

    Trying to stay informed about the illicit temptations thrown at kids can leave a parent—or anyone working with children—begging for mercy. I’m in that boat as I try to keep up with the latest...


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