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School Nurse

Teens are Anxious and Depressed, and Turning to the School Nurse for Help.

A few hours into the first day of school, a young man entered the nurse’s office at Libertyville High School complaining of stomach pains. The school nurse began asking him routine questions to determine the...
Pamela Cantor

How Mental Health, Trauma and Stress Shape Educational Outcomes

Pamela Cantor knows first-hand how a child’s environment and early experiences can affect their educational outcomes. She knows this not only because she is a child psychiatrist who has studied how the human brain responds...
The Deepest Well

Traumatic Consequences: A Revolution in Caring for Children

In The Deepest Well, pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris writes about her first encounter with the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study by Drs. Felitti and Anda. She says that it was like finding “the final...


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