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Tag: Resilience

How Can We Restore Children’s Independent Outdoor Play?

Children are designed, by nature, to play with other children independently of adults. Generally, the best place for them to play is outdoors, partly for the fresh air, vigorous exercise, the multitude of...
Marshmallow test

Control, Predictability Can Help Counter Students’ Trauma, Research Finds

Interventions that help students think flexibly and feel more control over their learning may help counter the effects of disadvantage and trauma, suggests emerging research at the International Mind-Brain Education conference here. More than 1...
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One University’s Compassionate Plan for Teaching Students Resilience

Young adults are extremely stressed-out these days—and colleges across America are scrambling to support them. In 2013, a group of top-flight colleges including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania formed the Resilience Project to...
Why Kids Need Risk

Why Kids Need Risk, Fear, and Excitement in Play

“Be careful!” “Not so high!” “Stop that!” Concerned parents can often be heard urging safety when children are at play. Recent research suggests that this may be overprotective and that kids need more opportunities for...


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