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CHIP Congress Stop Playing Politics

CHIP: Congress Needs to Stop Playing Politics and Fund the Program

Today the health care coverage of 9 million kids is at risk, according to Medicaid.gov. Why? Because Congress was so busy with yet another attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act that...
Russian Adoption

Russian Adoption: It’s Time to Stop Playing Politics With Russian Ophans

The Child’s World NEWS Editorial Board The editorial board is currently composed of 9 Mission Stewards with wide-ranging areas of expertise on children’s issues. Their primary responsibility is to select the Child’s World America Board...
Kids and Politics

Kids and Politics in the Year of Disruption

Can self-interest align with group interests to create a better world for kids? This was one of the larger questions that guided a recent discussion, Kids and Politics in the Year of Disruption, held...
Bipartisian Shame Act

Bipartisan “Shame Act” Would Publish Names, Photos of Child-Sex Buyers

A bipartisan bill brought forth by Republican Rep. Ted Poe of Texas and Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York would give judges the legal power to order the publication of names and photographs...
Antidote Politics

There Is an Antidote to the Politics that Endanger Children

Sometimes I feel like I should pen a letter of apology to the Framers of the Constitution. They fundamentally understood that people are inevitably tempted to abuse power and that concentrations of power are...
Demograph Missed

The Demographic Both Party Platforms Missed: Child Sex Abuse Victims

The wild ride of this year’s presidential election has left many looking for landmarks that will guide their choice for the next president. One place to figure out who stands for what lies in...
Education Election

Education, the 2016 Election, and the Future

There is a deep connection between education and a successful, well-run representative democracy. Voters need significant education to be able to judge the people to whom they delegate the power to make governing decisions...


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