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Back to School Anxiety

Back-to-School Anxiety for Children With Dyslexia

Back-to-school can be a stressful time of year for both children and parents. Adding learning differences to the equation can increase levels of stress and may lead to anxiety. Reducing stress overall definitely helps...
English Hard to Read

Why Is English So Hard to Read?

Learning to read does not happen as naturally or at as young an age as learning to speak. Children need to intentionally work on literacy to master this skill. In addition, English is filled with...
Summer Learning Loss

How to Curtail Summer Learning Loss

Leave behind the morning routines, after-school activities, and weekend games: summer is here! Forget about tears at school pickups and about meltdowns during homework. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the sun. But...
Accommidate Dyslexia

How to Improve a Classroom Learning Environment for Students With Dyslexia

Students with dyslexia may have difficult academic experiences due to the nature of their abilities to perform in a traditional classroom environment, such as problems with accurate or fluent word recognition, poor spelling, and...
Primitive Reflexes

How Retained Primitives Could Affect Learning Disabilities

We are all born with primitive reflexes. Their presence is critical to the survival of the infant. They serve as the training wheels for the brain early on in the infancy and show that...
SCOTUS Decision

SCOTUS Decision Gives Leverage to Families of Students With Special Needs

Families of students with special needs won an important legal battle when the Supreme Court sided with the parents of an autistic boy who argued that their school district had failed to provide their...
Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent

Pamela Guest is the founder and chief editor of IEP Magazine. “IEP” stands for “Individualized Education Program/Plan.” The IEP is the document developed for each public school child who needs special education. Pamela’s mission is to...
Guideliness Dyslexia

Eight Guidelines for Parents of Dyslexic Children

      Dyslexia is frequently called a hidden disability. Although many, including me, would challenge using the word “disability,” the word “hidden” rings true. Dyslexia can be invisible to someone who does not know what symptoms to...
Fluency Dyslexia

Fluency in Dyslexic Brain: Practice Makes Progress

      As with all new skills, learning to read is a process that requires practice.  First, a person learns to read a word accurately. With practice, he becomes fluent, adding more expression and achieving better...
Early Detection

Best Defense Against Dyslexia: Early Detection

      When a child has dyslexia, the child’s brain has difficulty matching sounds with letters, so reading and writing also become difficult. In addition, the skills needed to learn these basics—accurate and/or fluent word recognition...


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