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Tag: Depression

How Can We Restore Children’s Independent Outdoor Play?

Children are designed, by nature, to play with other children independently of adults. Generally, the best place for them to play is outdoors, partly for the fresh air, vigorous exercise, the multitude of...
Who Pays for Sex Abuse

Who Pays for Sex Abuse?

Drawing on data from the extraordinary archive of Catholic sex abuse at Bishopaccountability.org, the San Diego Tribune recently published the top 10 sexual abuse settlements by the Catholic Church in the United States. The numbers are large in the...
Childhood Trauma

How Childhood Trauma can Affect Mental and Physical Health into Adulthood

For millions of children in the U.S., poverty, neglect or abuse is a reality of everyday life, though these struggles are often hidden from view. Adult survivors often feel ashamed about and stigmatized for their...
Unintentional Abuse

The Signs and Significance of Unintentional Abuse

    Is there such a thing as unintentional abuse? Absolutely. I experienced it myself. Author, therapist, and PsychCentral.com columnist Támara Hill, MS, NCC, LPC-BE, MS, specializes in working with children and adolescents suffering from behavioral and...
Self Harm

Self-Harm and Kids: Why They Do It. How We Can Help.

    Why do children cut, burn, hit or poison themselves? The cause is often a feeling of despair or untreated mental illness and depression. And it’s a growing issue among pre-teens and teens. Nearly 2 million...


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