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Trauma Help

Relationships That Heal: Building a Community to Combat Childhood Trauma

“I just wish I had an adult to talk to.” That was the response of over 80 percent of teenagers in a survey commissioned by Laura Porter when asked: If you could have one helpful...

Teens’ Brains May Be Molded by Living With Neighborhood Violence

Flinching as a gunshot whizzes past your window. Covering your ears when a police car races down your street, sirens blaring. Walking past a drug deal on your block or a beating at your...
Philly Parks Project

Philly’s $500 Million Parks Project Needs a Little Help From Teens

Over the next seven years, Philadelphia will invest $500 million in revitalizing the city’s parks and recreation centers. The goal of the project, titled “Rebuild,” is to increase access to high-quality facilities that could...


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