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Tag: Child Well-Being

Gun Violence in South Outpaces Other Regions For Many Reasons

The mother left and two teens were alone in the house. It took the 13-year-old son 10 minutes to find the gun. It was loaded and in a bottom dresser drawer covered by one...
Toddler Well-Being

How States Can Improve Well-being for All Children, from Birth to Age Five

Early Childhood is a critical period that determines a person’s ability to reach his or her lifelong health, social, and economic potential. Comprehensive early childhood well-being—which consists of physical and mental health, cognitive functioning,...
Trauma Child

Why I Worry About the ACE-Aware Movement’s Impact

Practitioners across a range of disciplines who work carefully and respectfully and operate within the bounds of their professional registrations are perhaps, like me, feeling slightly ill-at-ease in the wake of the recent “ACE-aware”...
PA 17th Child Well-Being

Pennsylvania, 17th in Childhood Well-Being, Is at Risk for a Census Miscount

Pennsylvania ranks 17th in the nation for childhood well-being, according to the 2018 KIDS COUNT® Data Book, recently released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Although Pennsylvania has made some gains in education and...


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