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Disclose Abuse

Ten Reasons Children Don’t Disclose Abuse

    One challenge in stopping child sexual abuse is that it is often perpetrated in secrecy—a secrecy that the majority of child victims maintains. There is overwhelming evidence that most child victims delay or never disclose...
Holiday Safety

4 Holiday Safety Basics for Kids

  Holiday season is when families and friends gather to celebrate. Sadly, it’s also a time of year that presents sexual predators with opportunities to prey on child victims. While many may think we only need...
Teen Drug Use

Teen Drug Use: It All Starts With Smoking

    Trying to stay informed about the illicit temptations thrown at kids can leave a parent—or anyone working with children—begging for mercy. I’m in that boat as I try to keep up with the latest...
Unintentional Abuse

The Signs and Significance of Unintentional Abuse

    Is there such a thing as unintentional abuse? Absolutely. I experienced it myself. Author, therapist, and PsychCentral.com columnist Támara Hill, MS, NCC, LPC-BE, MS, specializes in working with children and adolescents suffering from behavioral and...

Teamwork Is Key in Child Abuse Cases

    In 2015, nearly 312,000 children were interviewed at child advocacy centers around the country.  These were alleged victims of sexual or physical abuse (or neglect) or had witnessed the abuse or maltreatment of someone...

Strangulation’s Unwitting Victims: Children

    What widespread act of domestic and intimate partner violence often leaves no visible sign of injury, yet contributes to 10 percent of violent deaths in the United States? Strangulation. It can take only 10 seconds,...

Statute of Limitations Impedes Child Justice

    In October 1989, 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling, his brother, and a friend were riding their bikes near their homes in St. Joseph, Minnesota, when a masked man kidnapped Jacob at gunpoint. He ordered the other...
Forensic Interview

An Inside Look at a Child Forensic Interview

    Every 10 seconds, an allegation of child abuse is made in the United States. Once reported, an investigation begins that ideally includes a child forensic interview conducted at a Child Advocacy Center (CAC). Designed as...
Poverty Abuse

Poverty’s Influence on Child Abuse

    Twenty-two percent of children in the United States live in families with incomes below the poverty level. While this alone is a frightening statistic, it becomes even more alarming when you realize that poverty...
Self Harm

Self-Harm and Kids: Why They Do It. How We Can Help.

    Why do children cut, burn, hit or poison themselves? The cause is often a feeling of despair or untreated mental illness and depression. And it’s a growing issue among pre-teens and teens. Nearly 2 million...


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