Heads Up Alert Service

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Background: The world of children’s well-being is fractured and siloed into many individual issues each with passionate activists, supporters and practitioners. Examples would include: Early Child Health, Early Education, Play, Child Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Father Involvement, Child Immigration, Literacy, Child Welfare, Adoption, Child Hunger, Children in Poverty, etc.

Most of these areas have specialized nonprofit organizations. Many of these exist only at the local or state level. There are academics who focus on these individual areas. There are foundations who provide support to these individual areas.

With few exceptions, there are virtually no publications centered on these individual areas while in aggregate many articles appear across the nation.

Problem: We believe that there is a latent national community around these focused issues that fails to maximize its impact because they are fractured into state and local groups. If their numbers could be organized and mobilized they could generate much more policy support for their causes.

Opportunity: A focused media source providing value to all of those interested in the issue would help to gather the disparate members of each latent community and provide the basis for building an active community.

Goal: We will provide the impetus for identifying and collecting the members of the community around each topic, through the offer of a free subscription to a focused area news and opinion aggregator.

Service Description: The service is called Heads-Up and a version is produced for each of topic areas: Additional topics may be released as the interest in the subject evolves. Currently, these topics are being considered.

  • Child Hunger
  • Child Literacy
  • Child Sex Abuse & Trafficking
  • Child Trauma
  • Child Welfare
  • Children in Poverty
  • Children of Immigration
  • Early Child Health
  • Early Education
  • Federal Policy
  • Play & Parks
  • Teen Behavioral Health

Opinion pieces, Columns and the aggregation of articles appearing in other sources from around the country will be identified by community members and recommended to our editors for distribution to the community at large. Our editors will publish the selected pieces and publish them on our website www.ChildsWorld.NEWS. Each piece will also be distributed vial social media including a Facebook Group that parallels each topic. Community discussion will be encouraged among members of the group. Once four (4) new pieces are identified and published, a Heads Up email will be sent to the community of focused issue subscribers so that they can be reminded of the news and are not required to re-visit the website or Facebook Group to learn of the articles.

By limiting the release to four at a time, the subscriber is never overwhelmed by the number of articles presented and can quickly scan the four and determine their interest in any of the articles.

The community member who recommends each piece will be identified (or the first in the case of multiple members recommending the same piece). The record of pieces recommended, and the cumulative count of recommendations will be maintained, and acknowledgement given to frequent contributors.

Subscribers: Only four pieces of information will be required for a subscriber to be registered

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Zip Code

Subscribers will be able to choose between any or all of the Heads Up alerts being offered.

Access to Child’s World eDigest; all subscribers to at least one Heads-Up alert will receive a periodically released eDigest which carries the editor’s choices of the best content from all of the alerts over the previous period.