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Our Childhood Trauma editors review and select the most relevant articles from across the country, to keep our community up to date on developing issues. Readers who discover an article they feel should be shared with the entire community are encouraged to bring it to their attention by sending the article’s link to them at Maureen McGurk is the current editor of Childhood Trauma.
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Fight for a Child’s Right to Safety—Because an Eight-Year-Old Can’t.

Do you remember when weekly news stories of our children being traumatized, tortured and killed became the new normal? If our children had a voice and vote, which they don’t, I believe they would all...

Pediatricians Strengthen Stance Against Spanking Kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics has hardened its stance against spanking children as a form of parental discipline. In a new policy statement, published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday, the pediatricians' group recommends that...
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The Unspoken Truth Behind Teacher Trauma

In the spirit of full disclosure, I want to state out of the gate that I am currently on leave from my position as a veteran school teacher. There are myriad reasons for my...
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Study Explains Why Some Childhood Abuse Victims Develop Certain Mental Illnesses

Children who are physically or sexually abused are at greater risk for developing mental health problems later in life, but the severity of these problems may depend on the time that abuse first began,...

Mining the “Lessons Learned” from Trauma Legislation Successes

The planned agenda for the “Learning Series: Policy Approaches to Childhood Adversity” workshop at the 2018 ACEs Conference: Action to Access went out the window when an unexpected guest— California Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula, MD—was invited to...

What Is the Real Cost of Mass Incarceration?

When documentary producers first approached Beverly Walker about featuring her family in a film, the Milwaukee mother and grandmother knew what that meant: cameras trailing them, her cherished privacy breached. But her husband, Baron Walker,...
School Nurse

Teens are Anxious and Depressed, and Turning to the School Nurse for Help.

A few hours into the first day of school, a young man entered the nurse’s office at Libertyville High School complaining of stomach pains. The school nurse began asking him routine questions to determine the...

Four Myths We Used To Believe About The Effects of Childhood Trauma

Everyone knows that trauma in childhood can cause problems later in life, but until recently, we totally misunderstood how this happens. Here are four myths that have dominated our understanding of Childhood PTSD, and convoluted...
Trauma Help

Relationships That Heal: Building a Community to Combat Childhood Trauma

“I just wish I had an adult to talk to.” That was the response of over 80 percent of teenagers in a survey commissioned by Laura Porter when asked: If you could have one helpful...
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Control, Predictability Can Help Counter Students’ Trauma, Research Finds

Interventions that help students think flexibly and feel more control over their learning may help counter the effects of disadvantage and trauma, suggests emerging research at the International Mind-Brain Education conference here. More than 1...


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