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Suzanne Alden
Suzanne Alden is a sexual assault prevention advocate. Drawing on her personal experience with assault, she writes on the topic of sexual violence, and has given dozens of talks to audiences throughout New England to keep kids safe from abuse. Suzanne has degrees in sociology, women's studies, and accounting and works in higher education. You can reach Suzanne at
Boys Trafficking

Sex Trafficking of Boys: More Common Than You Think

In America, we tend to view sexual assault as a "women's issue." Child sex trafficking is no different; the most common portrayal of a trafficked child is a girl. But what about the thousands of boys...
Tipping Scale

Tipping the Scales of Child Sexual Abuse

“Predators aren't just strangers. They can be highly educated. They can be very well-respected in the community. It could be a family member, it could be a family friend” (Aly Raisman, Olympic gold medalist, CBS). Olympic gymnast...
Stop the Clock

Stop the Ticking Clock

When a crime is committed against a person, such as a robbery or identity theft, he or she can choose how and when to press charges. Why should it be any different for survivors...
Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines?

Teens spend six hours a day in front of an electronic device and over two hours a day listening to music (BBC, NY Times). That's the equivalent of an entire workday exposed to the vast...
A Childs Worth

What is a child worth?

Those who have or work with children would agree that a child's worth is immeasurable. When children grow up in families in which they are loved and kept safe, they can be challenged, take...
Boys Will Be Real Boys

Boys Will Be (Real) Boys

A few weeks ago, a friend stumbled across a picture of her 10-year-old son and his younger cousin that threw her for a loop. While visiting a pirate museum with family, the two boys became...
Trafficker in Sheep's Clothing

The Trafficker in Sheep’s Clothing

Danielle was 14 when she met the man who would soon become her worst nightmare. "I was adopted by a good Christian family," she tells me during a recent interview. "I had a great relationship...
Ugly Truth

Telling The Ugly Truth About Sex Abuse

"Don't ask, don't tell" didn’t work for the military, and it doesn't work for the deeply troubling issue of sexual assault either. Our culture's longstanding fear of asking and telling about sexual assault has contributed...


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