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Teen Juul

The Juul’s So Cool, Kids Smoke It In School

The students wait eagerly for their teachers to turn their backs. That’s their cue to reach quietly for a small, sleek device they can easily conceal in their palms. It resembles a flash drive, but...

How Medicaid Became A Go-To Funder For Schools

OAKLAND, Calif. — Gerardo Alejandrez used to punch classmates, throw chairs and curse at his teachers, conduct that forced him to switch from school to school. “I had a lot of anger issues,” the...

After Shooting, ‘Honor How Kids Want To Deal With Their Feelings’

With so much coverage of last week’s grisly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., students, parents and others are struggling to cope. Christine Sylvest, a child psychologist in Rockville, Md., has a unique perspective. She grew...
Family Crisis or New Joy

Family Crisis Or New Joy? Get Paid Time Off For It

Last May, I wrote a column that offered tips for caregivers — without knowing that I would soon become one myself. A few months later, my dad was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery....

Podcast: ‘What The Health?’ CHIP (Finally) Gets Funded

 Three and a half months after funding expired for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, CHIP is finally refinanced, this time for six years. That was one of several health policies attached to the short-term...
Running on Empty

Running On Empty: CHIP Funding Could Run Out Jan. 19 For Some States

Some states are facing a mid-January loss of funding for their Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) despite spending approved by Congress in late December that was expected to keep the program running for three...


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