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Dana F. Wyles

Dana F. Wyles
Dana Wyles retired after nearly a decade as the family resource center librarian at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. She is also a grandmother!

Landing the Helicopter

For those parents who worry that their young child is not getting enough intellectual stimulation, who are bored playing Candyland, who are too harried to hunt down organic foods and grind...
City Kids: Transforming Racial

Building the Mosaic

Decades ago, David Dinkins, running for mayor of New York, described his city not as the melting pot it had been called for years but rather as “a gorgeous mosaic.” And nowhere is the...
Getting Real

Too Soon, Too Fast

Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls Edited by Melinda Tankard Reist Spinifex Press, 208 pp, April 2010   If you’ve wondered why it is so hard to find an age-appropriate Halloween costume for your young daughter, you’re...
Lives in Limbo

American Hopes, Broken Dreams

Lives in Limbo uses qualitative research techniques to follow the lives of 150 undocumented Latino (largely Mexican) youths in Los Angeles over a 12-year span. The research for the book has yielded a wealth of...
American Parents Can Chill

American Parents Can Chill Out Now!

These two books consider the presumably typical U.S. parent, frantic, overly engaged, and anxious, from a cross-cultural perspective. The Happiest Kids in the World is a first-person account by two mothers married to Dutchmen. The...
Voices of Teens

Writing for Their Lives

Voices of Teens is one of those books that make the reader want to laugh and cry simultaneously. Laugh because it is a case study in the power of one teacher to inspire a...
Revolutionary Grandparents

Grandparents to the Rescue

Most grandparents, on hearing the news of an impending new family member, are thrilled and excited, perhaps entertaining daydreams of fishing trips, sleepovers, cookie baking, and college graduations.  But for some, those dreams are...


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