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Denisha Jones, PhD
Denisha Jones, PhD. is the Director of Teacher Education and an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Trinity Washington University. Dr. Jones began her career in education as a kindergarten teacher in D.C. She also worked as a preschool director before spending the last 14 years in teacher education. She is a board member and administrator for the Badass Teachers Association, Inc., United Opt Out National, and she serves as chairwoman of the National Advisory Board for the Public Education Defense Fund. Dr. Jones has been working with Defending the Early Years as and an advisory board member since 2014. Her research interests include developing a critical consciousness in pre-service teachers, organizing activist research projects that challenge the privatization of public education, and leveraging the intersection of public policy, social movement lawyering, and critical social justice education.

When All Else Fails, We Must Protect Childhood

Thank you all for attending the Thomas H. Wright Lecture, which serves as the keynote for the “Empowering Teachers Program” at Sarah Lawrence College. I’m honored to be this year’s speaker.
early education

Building an Early Childhood Education Resistence Movement: Protecting Childhood and the Profession

​Education in the United States, and especially early childhood education, is a decentralized patchwork of local, state, national, and private organizations. Even though public education remains (for now) in the public realm, unlike other...
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In Defense of Play: What Will it Take to Get Parents, Teachers, and Lawmakers...

The first time I taught a course on play, I used the term Play Defenders. I told my students, as future early childhood educators, they would have to become Play Defenders. It might be...


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