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Cheryl is an author, writer, and speaker, with more than 15 years of award-winning experience in journalism. She's covered politics and policy at national, state and local levels of government and seen her news and commentary pieces published in dozens of outlets, including the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, Lifezette,, the Blaze and more. She's also a skilled media pundit and served as a guest on hundreds of national and regional television and radio shows to discuss various breaking news and trending cultural topics, and as featured speaker at numerous live events and panel discussions, mostly on the East Coast. In her spare time, Cheryl volunteered as a CASA -- a court-appointed special advocate -- for more than four years, helping judges make the difficult decisions on where to place neglected and abused children.
Autism Risk

Autism Risk Linked to Women With Herpes During Pregnancy

A new study published in MSphere, the journal of the American Society for Microbiology, found that women who suffered from an active genital herpes infection during pregnancy were twice as likely as those without...
Children's Bill of Rights

Children’s Bill of Rights Fight in California Holds Significance for Nation

A Children’s Bill of Rights measure is slowly weaving its way into the California legislature, sparking heated discussions between those who see it as a crucial safety net for neglected, abused, and poverty-stricken youths...
Bipartisian Shame Act

Bipartisan “Shame Act” Would Publish Names, Photos of Child-Sex Buyers

A bipartisan bill brought forth by Republican Rep. Ted Poe of Texas and Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York would give judges the legal power to order the publication of names and photographs...
Gun Repeal

Republicans Press Repeal of Gun-Free School Zones Act

A handful of Republicans have signed on to a bill that would repeal portions of the 1990 Gun-Free Schools Zones Act, saying the federally imposed ban on carrying firearms within a certain distance of...
Autistic Tracking

House OKs Bill to Put Tracking Devices on Autistic Children

It’s taken months, but a bill aimed at helping adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s who face risk of injury due to unaccompanied wandering – which was expanded to include children with autism -- finally...
Corporal Punishment

Calls Grow to End Corporal Punishments of Students

Education Secretary John B. King Jr., in a recent letter, called on schools across the nation to abolish corporal punishment of students—a decades-old disciplinary practice that has flown largely under the radar despite being...
Opioid Poisoning

Hospitalizations for Opioid Poisonings in Youth Jump 165 Percent in 15 Years

A new study reveals the number of young children who were hospitalized from opioid poisonings more than doubled between 1997 and 2012. The study, published at JAMA Pediatrics, looked at youths between the ages of...
Streamlining Adoption

Streamlining Adoption: Uniformity Proposal Raises 10th Amendment Concerns

A House resolution aimed at speeding up and streamlining the adoption process through a federally reformed Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children is stuck in committee, awaiting leadership’s approval to move to the...
Election 2016

Election Day Dawns: A Snapshot of the Child-Related Policies of Donald Trump and Hillary...

Immigration, jobs, terrorism, and government-provided health care may have taken front and center on the campaign trail, but with Election Day approaching, polls tightening, and independents mulling over the choices, it’s the sidebar matters...


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