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Adam Whitlatch works as a school counselor in the Frankford section of Philadelphia, PA. His writings reflect his experience, trials, and tribulations as a counselor in today’s school environment. More of his writing can be seen on The Great Handshake blog which he co-writes with his best friend Jason Boll who lives and works across the state in Pittsburgh, PA. He loves basketball, drawing, and sandwiches.
Heavy, An American Memoir

“Heavy” Topics (and You Should Read this Book)

The really important parts of teaching are the human parts. There are these daily reminders if we keep ourselves ready for them, that force us out of whatever routine we try to manage and...
broken pencil

Teachers Are Problem Solvers

The primary job of the teacher is problem-solving. I’ll try to explain, but if you are a teacher and that doesn’t make sense you should quit immediately. There are the little problems like the...

Are Trauma PDs Pure Nonsense?

Success with a student victimized by trauma would require becoming an expert at detecting multiple, virtually undetectable triggers, within multiple students. It is not quick or simple or instinctive...A teacher must become an expert...


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