Our Mission

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Child’s World NEWS is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization working to increase public understanding of the issues facing America’s children. This includes nationwide current conditions, innovative solutions, discussion of public policy alternatives, and the political processes that impede or advance them.

Child’s World NEWS does not espouse a political point of view on the news but instead reports the issue to the best of our ability. Editorial integrity is the foundation of our mission. In publishing the opinions of the public, we seek a balanced diversity of views.

We strive to meet the highest standards of journalism in our reporting, editing and publishing, including honesty, accuracy, balance and objectivity.

Child’s World NEWS’ aggregation efforts seek to represent children’s well-being news and issues of the day, irrespective of the opinion or viewpoint expressed.

Mission Statement

Child’s World NEWS provides a single source for news and opinions covering outstanding programs and developments across the various fields of interest related to children’s issues.

We aspire to bring knowledge and awareness to the growing movement to improve the well-being of America’s children.