Founders Message

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Co-Founders Bill and Cindy ClarkLetter from William J. Clark, publisher of Child’s World NEWS.

My wife, Cindy Dell Clark, has always been an inspiring figure. For as long as I’ve known her, she has been an advocate for children and has encouraged the appreciation of their perspectives on the experience of childhood. And for as long as I’ve known her, she has been frustrated by the devaluation of children in American society, which stands in contrast to the approach taken in the rest of the developed world. Elsewhere children are looked upon as the treasured future of their societies, and their education and well-being are invested in accordingly. Not so in the United States, where the raising of children is widely regarded as basically a parental responsibility.

Consequently, once I became experienced at promoting social causes, Cindy urged me to examine the plight of America’s children and consider what could be done to improve their lives. The mass killing of innocent children in Sandy Hook, along with the inability of government at any level to respond effectively, was for me the deciding event.

As I studied the situation, I was dumbfounded by this apparent paradox: although a large number of adults work tirelessly on children’s issues and a huge amount of our national income is spent on children, children’s advocates have virtually no political power. Indeed, compared to seniors, who are ably represented by AARP, children have almost no say in deciding the policies that directly affect them. On top of that, there are an alarming number of children’s issues (gun safety being just one) that have never been dealt with effectively at the national level nor at the state and local levels. It is hardly an accident that the richest country in the world ranks only 26th in the well-being of its children (Learn More).Unicef IRC 11

It became clear to me that if those interested in the welfare of American children could speak with one voice, progress would be inevitable. It also became clear that what was needed was nothing less than a national movement that would speak and act on behalf of our kids. Child’s World America could be one spark to ignite that movement. And Child’s World NEWS could be the trumpet.

Every successful social movement in America has had a trumpet. The abolitionists read The Liberator, the early women’s movement had The Suffragette, the senior movement was promoted by Modern Maturity (later renamed AARP The Magazine), and the gay rights movement rallied to The Advocate. Our goal in publishing Child’s World NEWS is to elevate the cause of children’s well-being to one of national urgency. Those who have come before have proven that journalism done with a high regard for truth is compelling and has the power to change society.

At Child’s World NEWS, we intend to explore those initiatives that are working well and highlight what is broken. Our commentary section will be open to individuals whose views encompass a broad range of perspectives. Our editorial views will be expressed by our Mission Stewards, who collectively have hundreds of years of professional experience dedicated to supporting children’s interests.

We will be nonpartisan but not neutral. A better world for our children is not a conservative or liberal demand, it is the universal hope of all parents. Thank you for your interest in and support of Child’s World NEWS.

If you care about our country’s children, we are your trumpet.


William J. Clark