About Us

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Child’s World NEWS is published by Child’s World America which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It was formed to provide quality journalism coverage of those children’s issues that were increasingly being ignored by the main stream media.

Editorial positions are determined by Child’s World’s America’s Mission Stewards. Mission Stewards are chosen for their life’s work being committed to the issues affecting our children.

It features original content by and for those who care about childhood issues and the well-being of children in America: Physicians – Educators – Academics – Nonprofit Practitioners – Researchers – Athletic Coaches – Librarians Policymakers and more. Initially produced as a blog, it highlights opinions, editorials, professional profiles, and organizational profiles.

Topic Categories

Topics We Cover

Advocacy & Policy, Art & Pop Culture, Children’s Rights, Family & Economics, Health & Wellness, Learning & Education, Self & Social Worlds, Sports & Play

Focused Issues

Because there are hundreds of issues influencing the lives of American children, we have identified focused issues in which we are giving priority. We believe that concentrating on the following issues will help us build a movement of individuals and organizations across the country aimed at building a better future for our nation’s children.

Early Education, Early Health, Federal Policies, Foster Care, Hunger, Literacy, Play, Sexual Abuse, Teen Behavior, Violence

Content Sources

Content is obtained from a variety of sources. Original content includes news articles written by staff in each beat, editorials, guest and staff columns, and monthly long-format investigative pieces. Guest columns include articles authored by academics or child professionals (e.g., “Notes From the Field,” covering relevant news items). “Report cards” or other data presentations created in collaboration with partner organizations may appear on an annual basis.

Our aggregation efforts seek to represent children’s well-being news and issues of the day, irrespective of the opinion or viewpoint expressed.

If you are intersted in sumbiting an article for publication consideration or joining our team of writers, Contact Us.