Fight for a Child’s Right to Safety—Because an Eight-Year-Old Can’t.

girl in leaves
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Do you remember when weekly news stories of our children being traumatized, tortured and killed became the new normal?

If our children had a voice and vote, which they don’t, I believe they would all ask for the right to grow up in safe homes with healthy parents, and be able to learn in high-functioning schools.

Our never-ending cycle of child tragedies begs the bigger question, which we pose in our book Anna, Age Eight: who are the real monsters here? Is it the parents who inflict these horrors on their children, or the members of society that continue allowing this to happen?

Benign neglect became our national, state and city policy on children. Most school boards are in a state of denial that a quarter of their students go home to a world of adverse childhood experiences, but they still hope the math homework gets done on time. Over the last two decades, while we played with our fancy new technologies on the net, we failed to notice that childhood became a high risk occupation.

That may be about to change. It depends on you.

I believe we are at a moment where a social moonshot, . . .



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