Some Schools Want To Replace Armed Guards With Therapists, & It’s A Huge Step Forward

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The topic of armed security or police in schools has always been one of great debate. Now, following some national push to arm teachers as well, after the Florida high school shooting, it’s become more important for people to explore alternatives rather than continue to push guns into the classroom. Some schools want to replace security guards with therapists, and it’s a huge step forward.

In Illinois, Fox News reported that lawmakers are looking to give extra money to schools, in order to replace armed security with unarmed social workers and behavior therapists. Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch proposed the plan, according to Fox News, after hearing from advocates who argue that investing in mental health resources is the best way of treating the epidemic of violence.

While the proposal hasn’t officially become legislation yet, it would prove as a historical win for Illinois schools. The school-to-prison pipeline, which refers to a national trend of children funneled out of schools and into. . .



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