I’m a Teen: How Can I Tell Who’s Joking, Who’s Crying for Help

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The nation’s conversation about mental illness and school shootings has changed the way I listen to my classmates.

It’s changed the way I read and everything I watch.

Ayisat Bisiriyu

As a high school freshman at Winchester Thurston School, I have personally experienced the boom in conversations surrounding mental illness this year. We discuss it in class, and my friends and I talk about it. Growing up, I never realized how much what I see as a typical daily task or situation could affect another person who is struggling with mental illness. I never considered how one of my peers might negatively react to the things I am saying. I never thought that I would be in a situation where what I say might lead to another person taking their own life. The thought of it horrifies me.

I believe teenagers today are feeling a pressure they have never experienced before.

Our generation uses social media more than any other generation before us. It’s easy to showcase our accomplishments and broadcast our highest…

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